FXBuilds Program

Since our inception, we’ve been working to give back to communities both local and abroad through our FXBuilds program. We’ve built schools, built new sand dams, helped provide power to remote villages, and more.

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At WebFX, we accept responsibility, work with integrity, and give back to others.

We’ve worked with a variety of organizations around the world to provide help where there is a need. Our goal is to impact 10,000 lives around the globe by meeting practical needs: providing clean water access, improving electricity for remote communities, funding school renovations, and more.

What isFXBuilds?

FXBuilds is a WebFX program, established in 2014, that allows us to give back to those in need. Powered by team successes, the program allows us to improve the lives of those around the world who may lack education, shelter, clean drinking water, vaccines, and other basic human privileges.

The WebFX team has been hands-on with our FXBuilds projects, visiting communities we’ve helped in places like Kenya and Guatemala.

Our goal with #FXBuilds is two-fold, and our combined efforts will alloweachWebFX team member to have directly helped a total of50people over a10-yearperiod.

Our Current Project:

Buildinga School

Beginning in 2022, we started funding our 10th FXBuilds project. We’ll be building our third school with our project partner Pencils of Promise. We’re working with them to determine the exact location and areas of highest need for this future project. We’ve previously built schools in Guatemala and Kenya. Stay tuned for future project updates!

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How WebFX isMaking a Difference

2018 – 2023

Providing clean drinking water

WebFX partners with The Water Project to help further the mission to provide safe and clean drinking water for all. Together with The Water Project, we’ve built sand dams, repaired drinking wells, and protected springs across Africa.

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Improving neighborhoods in underprivileged areas

We partner with Forgotten Voices to help provide a better life for those who live in underprivileged communities. We’ve helped communities in Zimbabwe and Zambia thrive by working with Forgotten Voices to update schools, provide a source of income by funding a hardware store, and help pay for education.

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